Tuesday, October 26, 2010

True Colors

Hey, this is just a quick post to add a new idea.  I think I've seen another Sims 2 blog somewhere that does this, but I can't remember where right now.  If I find it again I'll add a link.  Anyway, if you've played Sims 3, you know those sims have favorite colors.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Fletchers 2: Round 5 / EAT MOR CHIKIN

When we last left Rudy and Zoe, they were new parents of a daughter they named Wendy's.  Yes, she is named after the restaurant.  Rudy had sympathetic pregnancy cravings for Wendy's during Zoe's pregnancy.  Rudy has never been right, though.  He is addicted to old ladies, either strongly attracted to them or driven to violence against them.  Anyway, other then Rudy's quirkiness, they are a boring bunch who prefer to have their noses in books above most other activities.  Rudy is a dark wizard, but don't get too excited.  He stays as close to neutral as possible to still be allowed to wear the black robes.  He thinks they look cooler, and besides, his truly evil little sister Sophie would probably curse him if he wore another color.  Little Wendy's wears her hair in red braids to live up to her name, although she has only one nice point.  She's taken over the neighborhood newspaper theft route from Amiee Bauer who went off to college.


Rudy and Zoe just moved into a new house, and it looks like it's just in the nick of time.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Grahams: Round 5 / Sophie's Sorcery Shop


The last time we visited the Grahams, Sophie had chosen to marry Daniel, one of her 20 conquests from college.  Daniel was a sweet guy who wanted to become Captain Hero.  Their first child Havelock was born, but Sophie was unhappy because she had wanted a daughter instead of a son.  When not busy at work in the education field, Sophie was in the basement studying black magic and becoming atrociously evil.  She conjured up a female feline familiar (say that 5 times fast, lol) that she named Merlin, who hates Daniel.  Daniel is lonely, but is a good father to his son Havelock since Sophie will have little to do with either of them.


Their butler "Jeeves" likes to spend his time in the dance sphere, because that's why they're paying him the big bucks.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Tuckers 2: Round 5 / Scandal in Apple Grove?


When we last visited Brian Tucker's house, he was working on his distasteful LTW of woohooing 20 different sims.  After that was over with, I made him marry one of the twenty, Dagmar.  Dagmar was abducted by aliens, and saved from death by starvation before giving birth to Aerosmith.  Brain got a makeover and was working on becoming a rockstar.

Name Changes

This is just a quick post.  I changed two of the family names in Apple Grove.  I had been considering doing that for a long time, but finally got around to it.  I didn't have a particular reason or concern, but felt it was better not to have the names of real people in my stories anymore.  I only mention it at all just in case the name changes are confusing.  So you aren't thinking, "Bauer... Bauer... but I could have sworn the name was..." ;)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

List of Sims in Apple Grove

This was a list of all the sims in Apple grove and their statistics, but the list got too long, so now I'm making pages for individual families, which can be found in the top of the left column under "Apple Grove families."  I may eventually take this page out of the table of contents once I have a page for each family.  For now, I will leave it, but it is no longer being updated as of August 25, 2011.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Shibatas: Round 5 / Desire, Adore & Cherish


We now return to 11 Apple Avenue, located right across the street from Apple Grove Church, to the Shibata family.  Ravi and Kimberly are married and have a daughter named Honey.


And Ravi and Kimberly are both romance sims with 3 bolts for each other, which is often nauseating.  When left to their own devices, this is the kind of thing we can expect to see.  All the time.  It even sickens Charlie McClellan, but he says nothing, like a good butler.  They pay him plenty, although it may not be long before they will no longer be able to afford his help.  Their new house is quite expensive, and their lives may soon be getting a lot more interesting.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

University: Round 5 / University of Applebama


And now it's time to see what the college kids are doing.  The former Académie Le Tour has been renamed University of Applebama.  It's always been just 20 miles from Apple Grove, but now it's lost it's fancy French name.