Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Fanceys: Round 4 / Do You Have Any Coupons?

Do you remember the Fanceys? When we last left them, Lara Fletcher had traveled to Takemizu Village and met Heath Fancey. As a fortune sim, she had really wanted to marry a rich sim. He said he was rich, but he had lied and only had §3000 when they got married. Anyway, his goal is to become a World Class Ballet Dancer. Lara wants to be a Space Pirate. These are two very silly sims - who are about to bring a little one into the world.


Oh yeah, and they moved out of their apartment and into this nice, affordable home. As fortune sims, I'm sure they wish they could have taken out a large mortgage on a huge house, but I decided that in these trying economic times that they should be realistic and buy a house they could afford.