Friday, August 23, 2013

The Goldmans & Andrews: Round 7 / Christmas Turkeys

This is the last house in Round 7, and I couldn't be happier - except I have to blog about these stupid people chickens.  But I've made it as tolerable as possible for myself by making them wear chicken suits...


And live in a chicken house.  That makes it tolerable for me.


This is Manuel Andrews and Nerissa Goldman.  I made the mistake of sending a lot of townie teens to University.  Nerissa was one of them, as she was the girlfriend of Christopher Bauer.  At college she cheated on him with Manuel, and they both received a life sentence of wearing chicken suits.  Unfortunately, I still have to play Nerissa, so I kindly allowed her to move in her love interest Manuel to keep her company.

And because they are romance sims and I have ACR installed, they want to do this all the time.  And the dialog box keeps saying that they are trying for a baby, which I cancelled a few times until I set ACR to have them both on birth control.  The last thing I really want in Apple Grove is a whole flock of chickens.

They do have some chickens from Affinity Sims to raise.  Those are pretty cool.

Since everyone likes to pet the chickens, I let them have a home business - a chicken petting zoo.  The chickens lay eggs which can be gathered to sell or add to the food in the fridge, or can be left to hatch.  I was not successful in selling the eggs, but I think I successfully added them to the food in their fridge.


Here is the welcome wagon having fun with the chickens.

I live to see these kinds of coincidences in my game.  Manuel is looking forward to cooking up the eggs he gathered. Cannibal.

I will leave you with a picture of Nerissa playing pirate in the tub.  The lack of pictures shows my lack of interest in this family.  I've learned my lesson - future teens sent to college will be turned into townies.  I have too many YAs to play that I don't care about.  Rules be darned! ;)

And the best news of all is that Round 7 is FINISHED!!! :D


ciyrose said...

LOL. I love the idea of putting them into chicken outfits and have them raise chickens. :)

Twoflower said...

Thanks! I had to find a way to enjoy them. ;)