Friday, June 19, 2009

The Sims 3: My Opinion

First of all, let me say that Apple Grove is not in any current danger from TS3. I hadn't even planned on buying it until I lost some more weight as an incentive to myself, and even then I wasn't sure I wanted it. I was going to wait and see and read what others had to say before deciding. But, it arrived in the mail anyway! It was a birthday present from my oldest child Jason, which was very, very sweet of him.

So, of course I had to play it, and I have played it pretty much every day since it arrived, although I have not kept any of my games so far. As of tonight, I'm officially sick of it. It could be that I'm also not feeling well, but I just got sick of micromanaging their lives. It's hard to explain, but there just really isn't much of a chance to do much creative stuff or skilling because they're so needy all the time. I will probably play again, but for now the new has worn off and I need a break. I doubt that Sims 3 will ever hold my attention the way Sims 2 has. I could be wrong - maybe someday with custom content & hacks and/or interesting expansion packs, but for now it's like a step backward from Sims 2, IMO. I'm not even going to share any screenshots, because they are all fairly ugly pudding-faced sims.

Back to Sims 2! :)

Edit 6/21/09:

(Click to see bigger creepy stretchy toddler)

I thought I'd add this one picture. When I first saw this glitch it freaked me out - still does. It's just not right. The kid will be sitting there, and then suddenly stretch into this weirdness, and then go back to normal. Creepy.

Edit: 3/13/11:  I've noticed from my stats that a lot of people land on this post, and I just want to say that my opinion has changed a bit since I originally wrote this post.  I actually have a Sims 3 blog now about Sunset Valley, so I actually have been playing Sims 3 in addition to still loving my Sims 2.  In TS3 I'm playing the sims that come with the town instead of my own creations.  I'm having fun with it.  It's not the same as Sims 2, and it's not superior to Sims 2, but it can be a fun game as a change of pace from TS2.  I'm really interested to see what will happen now that AwesomeMod has the feature of TS2-Style Aging.  I would just feel kind of silly if I didn't update this, and here I am with a link to my TS3 blog Sunset Valley Prosperity, LOL.  That could seem quite confusing and hypocritical.  But I really did hate TS3 when I was stuck playing just one family in TS3.  I find that style of play boring.  I enjoy going from family to family like with the Prosperity Challenge.


Riverdale Blogs said...

In truth you are not alone in your feelings. I feel the same way. I got the game the weekend it came out, and have been playing off and on ever since.

Lets face it, it's NOT the sims 2. Sadly, EA marketed this game as the "next evelution" of the sims. We (hard core simmers) believed that this game would be a continuation of our beloved sims. Something similar to sims 2 but better. Like what they did with sims 1. When sims 2 came out we got just what he were expecting and more!

Well sims 3 is NOT what I was expecting. Don't get me wrong. As a stand alone this game is alright (it could be better). But as a continuation to the sims 2 it sucks... badly!

It plays like a video game, beacuse that's what it is. It was marketed to younger people (kids) and casual gamers, not simmers. You're forced to only play one style of game (legacy) and you're forced to focus on work and skilling the most.

I'll play the game off and on, but I can not see myself going to sims 3 for my blog or my hood. Not going to happen.

Sims 2 is where it's at! lol But to each his own. I'm glad that many people are enjoying the game.

Francesca Dean, Feature Editor said...

that was sweet of your son to send you TS3. I'm glad Apple Grove isn't going away though!

Thanks for offering your opinion. It seems everyone, like it or not, is saying something about how it is not really a continuation of the Sims 2, but a new game in the Sims universe.

I haven't even been slightly tempted to buy it yet;-)

ciyrose said...

Hey, I'm glad you wrote and updated. I felt very much the same way you did at first, and even later. I played for awhile and was just not happy with it. Then I revisited it and found that it wasn't as bad as I remember, but it's also not Sims 2, so I play it on occasion.

Twoflower said...

I haven't played Sims 3 in awhile - again. I tried to do that Prosperity hood, but I didn't have Awesomemod installed correctly. After that, I sort of lost interest after getting the expansions up through Ambitions. It was fun for awhile, but I got burned out again. I just really think it's a bad game for people like me (probably A.D.D.) because when all those "opportunities" pop up, it's really distracting and hard for me to decide what I should and should not have them do.