Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rose and Violet Hamilton: Round 4 / Nuts and Fruits

It took me over a month to update - sorry. I don't know why I just didn't make it happen sooner. Since this is the end of Round 4, I'm hoping Round 5 will capture my interest more than the last few families have. I also have some plans of adding a few things to spice it up a little. So yeah, hopefully another update will be coming soon.

Last time we saw the Hamilton girls, they were at University. If you remember, Rose wore a wedding veil all through college. She still very much wants to get married to a rich sim, but is maybe trying to look less desperate and crazy.

Hmm... This doesn't look furnished even though Rose and Violet paid extra for it to be furnished. This was formerly the Brown's house, a miniature townhouse. The man who bought it, Adrian Mendoza, built 3 more houses like it and made them into rental units.

Now that she's paid the rent, the landlord says the houses are not at all energy-efficient, even though they are small. I don't know... it seems that Rose and Violet don't much care for their new living arrangements. It also doesn't help that their week will now start on Thursday, throwing off the space-time continuum.

As a reminder, Violet wants to become a Hall of Famer.

Rose wants to be Chief of Staff.

Thankfully, Rose was able to get a job in the medical field right away as a paramedic.

Looking in the TwoJeff's crystal ball, Rose thought that Abhijeet Jeffress looked especially interesting.

Why is he giving her his shirt size? I guess maybe he's hinting that he wants her to buy him an expensive shirt. I think it's a little forward of him to be asking for gifts when he first meets a woman. I would say that's not very perceptive or clairvoyant of him, but that might be stretching this joke too far.

Well, because of the many problems with the rental house, they decided to move, however the landlord wasn't willing to refund any of their money. Thankfully, they could afford to stay at Kenya Santander's boarding house so that they didn't have to be homeless. Well, they could have moved back home, but it was the last thing they wanted to do with all the cats. If there were a male equivalent of "crazy cat lady," their dad would hold that title.

(click to see bigger)

Wow, look how big Apple grove is growing! Things have changed a great deal since Rose and her father Forrest moved here 21 years ago.

I can't remember what gift Rose gave him, but she's causing a traffic jam in the upstairs hallway. I guess we can assume it's the medium-sized shirt.

Here is the room that Rose and Violet share. It's definitely not much. There is a tiny bathroom behind the white door, however it would be pointless to take a picture of that even if we could.

The girls spend most of their time out in the common area anyway. Apparently, Abhijeet is very fond of Rose, although I wonder why he doesn't wear the new shirt she gave him.

Well, she doesn't seem too concerned about his attire.

Brian "I Wanna Be A Rockstar" Tucker drops by for a visit. He'd better not be here for Rose and/or Violet, but I'll bet he is. He suspects I've installed ACR, and that he may be able to get away with adding to his little black book when I'm not looking. Move along, Brian - nothing to see here. Go home to your wife and little Aerosmith.

Violet hasn't been able to find a job in the athletic career path yet, so she took a job as a piano tuner. However, today she's been promoted to coffee shop sound engineer.

Rose has been promoted to nurse. What an awesome, but hard job - that I SO would not want. I used to work in a hospital, so yeah... so NOT my kind of job. I would be apologizing for giving people shots, and I don't have any idea how I could manage some of the more painful, personal or gross stuff. I'm glad people are willing to be nurses, but wow...

Hmmm... I didn't realize Apple Grove was so close to the Himalayas. I now feel the need for remedial geography.

Rose didn't realize it was logical to examine a llama in a hospital - you learn something new everyday.

Despite the sherpa/llama fiasco, Rose still managed to get promoted to intern.

Rose was brave and spoke up about a flaw in a surgical technique.

And by speaking up, she was able to get yet another promotion - to resident.

Every time I look, one or both of the girls are playing poker. I wonder if they're going to be able to save enough money to move out of the boarding house.

Violet thought Andrzej Miguel looked like a good choice.

He is rather attractive. In real life, I always liked blond hair on guys - not really so much the tall, dark and handsome guys.

Again, Rose? And recycling isn't going to save you a lot of money. What you really need is Gambler's Anonymous.

♫ You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,
Know when to walk away and know when to run.
You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table.
There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done. ♫

Violet is now a summer camp music teacher. The poor girl will get to learn and teach musical torture such as this:

♫ The prettiest girl
(The prettiest girl)
I ever saw
(I ever saw)
Was sippin' ci-
(Was sippin' ci-)
Der through a straw
(Der through a straw)
The prettiest girl I ever saw
Was sippin' cider through a straw... ♫

Rose really enjoys searching the skies for alien life, and it has the added benefit of keeping her away from the poker table.

Violet looks very happy about her promotion to Battle of the Bands Judge. I can't blame her, as it means she's no longer having to teach music at summer camp.

Rose and Abhijeet went out on a date - arriving at the restaurant right as this other red-headed guy with the same hairstyle was walking by. I don't know about you, but I'm craving some Doublemint Gum.

Kimberly Shibata was there - not to eat, but to drag Rose away from her meal so they could sing Sea Chanteys. I don't think so, sister.

Rose has important business to discuss with this guy whose name I will copy & paste for the last time here: Abhijeet. He's apparently happy to get engaged to Rose. And from here on out he shall be nicknamed Apple. I can no longer call him by his given name because it makes me crazy to try and spell. And apparently me calling him Apple does not keep the doctor (Dr. Rose Hamilton) away. ;).

Rose made the mistake of making a wish outside the restaurant.

Sophie: ♫ "A few times I've been around that track
So it's not just gonna happen like that
'Cause I ain't no Hollaback Girl
I ain't no Hollaback Girl"... ♫

Uh, yikes.

Violet is out on a date with Andrzej. He's... around here somewhere. He probably should not have walked out on Sophie's performance.

I was there at Bluestone Performing Arts too, and I was worried my simself would get pickpocketed since she wasn't currently playable, but apparently my simself has enough logic to be aware that this guy looked suspicious. I'll admit, I was surprised not to get pickpocketed since the charlatan had the opportunity.

Violet found Andrzej outside. I assume he may be hiding from Sophie since he walked out on her song. Since he also has a name that drives me crazy, so I will now call him Almond - just to let you know. Now it seems we may soon have fruits and nuts in the family to go with the flowers and trees.

Violet and Almond are too busy with their public display of affection to get pickpocketed.

Uh..... ewwwww.

Violet serenades Almond with... Muskrat Love. You'll thank me for sparing you the lyrics.

Almond is a drive through clerk who makes a lot of money. Uh-huh, sure.

Rose is now a General Practitioner.

While watching the stars, Rose sees something that really catches her eye.

Uh-oh, it apparently saw her, and took her away for a little ride.

She received a painful landing upon her return home, knocking her unconscious.

When she awoke, she wondered if she had only dreamed it. It sure seemed real. As a knowledge sim, she's not entirely upset about the abduction. She just wishes she could remember what happened.

Rose practices her bedside manner with questionable success. "Oh, I'm sorry Mr. Torsohead, but you can't eat any more of these burgers. If you were alive, the burgers would be killing you! It's time to say goodbye to Mayor McCheese and move to Salad City."

Wow, she sure sounds like a doctor to me.

Violet voted for the Macho Rockers, choosing talent over popularity.

Violet is promoted to Roadie. I hope this doesn't mean she's hanging out with Brian Tucker.

My fake daughter Amiee walked by with Padi. She is a really mean sim, and I'm sure the one responsible for the horizontal trash can. Rose and Violet just leave it that way now and and compost all their trash. It saves having to keep having to clean up the garbage.

I'm not sure how learning surgery will help Violet with judging the Battle of the Bands, but Rose teaches her some stuff.

Finally, Violet finds an athletic job that she's been hoping for.

We never found out who the lamp was meant for, as neither of the girls remembered receiving it.

*Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle....*

*Waddle, waddle, waddle, waddle....*

Rose was going to do some wedding shopping, but she is feeling tired and fat. For some reason, she can only fit into this one ugly outfit. As a doctor, you would think she would have a clue.

And she's so flippin' hungry! She had to leave the clothing store to get some food because she was starving.

I see that both my daughters are there. Well, not Amiee, but then she is a fake daughter.

I guess a General Practitioner can afford to eat Filet Mignon.

Rose is very proud of Charity and congratulates her for graduating from college with honors.


Rose and Violet made a spontaneous decision to go to Twikkii Island. To save money they decided to stay at the Blossom Wood Hotel.


It was going to be a romantic getaway, as you can see.


Apple and Almond met for the first time.


Violet proposed to Almond.


I'm not sure why she is signaling him to call her...


...since they are currently in a wedding ceremony together.


Apple is not super rich like he said he was. But anyway, meet Apple and Rose Jeffress.


Now Violet and Almond are going to tie the knot.


Almond is an even bigger liar about his finances than Apple was, but now they are officially man and wife: Almond and Violet Miguel.


Almond wants to be a city planner. How cute, because I'm the one who plans Apple Grove. If he thinks I'm letting him do it, he's delusional.


Apple wants to be a space pirate just like seemingly most of Apple Grove's residents. Sadly, thinking this makes me think "space cowboy", so then I get The Joker by Steve Miller Band stuck in my head:

♫ Some people call me the space cowboy, yeah
Some call me the gangster of love
Some people call me Maurice
Cause I speak of the pompitous of love

People talk about me, baby
Say I'm doin you wrong, doin you wrong
Well, don't you worry baby
Don't worry
Cause I'm right here, right here, right here, right here at home

Cause I'm a picker
I'm a grinner
I'm a lover
And I'm a sinner
I play my music in the sun

I'm a joker
I'm a smoker
I'm a midnight toker
I sure don't want to hurt no one... ♫

I'm not sure why you would intentionally continue reading my blog with all the crappy songs I feature - the ones that get stuck in my head and make me crazy. Either it doesn't happen to you, you're a masochist, or you love bad music. ;)


Apple seems to have caught on to the fact that Rose is pregnant, but either doesn't excel at math, or he doesn't mind that the baby is not his.


They managed to get in all 3 tours during the course of their vacation, although they did not enjoy themselves too much on 2 of tours. I really hate the tour chance cards.


The maid will not clean up the dirty dishes, and they are unable to do it either. It's time to leave this dump.


Double Palm Resort seemed like a good next choice. The best thing is that there is a food stand there, which is way less of a hassle than room service and no messy plates anywhere.


For the first time since their arrival they have the opportunity to learn the hula.


At the witch doctor's hut, the guys were of little use since they had no mechanical skills. I did insist that Almond fix the tub. He had a cow about it, but I kept sending him back until the job was done.


Is it normal for the witch doctor to be in aspiration failure?


Being in water during a storm is not a good idea.


I don't know who this is, but she and another hotel guest both got zapped that night. Sims don't have any sense to get indoors during a storm.


Apple thinks Rose is really hot when she fire dances. Is it just me, or is fire dancing one of those skills that takes FOREVER to learn?


Violet is taking your picture, OK?


Rose has found a beach treasure. :P Too bad they can't grill them up.


I've been that pregnant at the beach, and it's just not possible to be comfortable.


Everyone had a great vacation. Now the question is, with only one available bed tonight back at the boarding house, which couple is going to get home first to call dibs?

Oh yeah, and this is the end of Round 4! Hooray!!!

Scoring: 2 points for adding Apple and Almond to the neighborhood, plus everyone earned some vacation memories. The total population of Apple Grove is 43. The current population is 41.


jungfrun68 said...

*dundundun* Who's baby is it...?!

SirenPrincess said...

Wow, you've got some neat things I've not seen before in this post. The witchdoctor in aspiration failure, that's priceless! And the pregnant sim sunbathing. It was neat to see those things.

sims2fan08/tacy00p said...

Hah, I nearly "squeed" again when I saw you had updated. Your whole post is just hilarious, I laugh the whole time, even read it twice! :)

M.McMillan said...

I love you great comments

M.McMillan said...

Great update

Francesca Dean, Feature Editor said...

That was definitely worth the wait (you said you hadn't updated in a month). Apple Grove has really grown in 21 years and its looking great! The boarding house is a great idea too.

Thanks for the update, I really enjoyed it!

ASimWen said...

Who's baby is it? Well, it might be an abduction baby (with proper hack installed)..uhhh...otherwise I have no idea. hmm. lol I remember reading this post when it first came out, but for some reason didn't get to comment. I am getting caught up today.

ciyrose said...

Composting is definitely the way to go when there are mean sims around pushing of the trash can. At least Abhijeet...err Apple has some money, even if it wasn't RICH.

I don't like the tour chance cards either, I always seem to get it wrong. Fire dancing takes FOREVER to learn!

Twoflower said...

Thanks for commenting, ciyrose. :) With the fire dancing, I figured out they can get the memory as long as they start to learn it. So as long as you don't want a professional fire dancer, you can have them quit the lesson early. It's funny, because if they only sort of know how, when you have them fire dance for tips, they get booed and burn themselves.

The Sojourner said...

I was catching up on Rose and Violet after your latest update and just wanted to say that leaving the trash can knocked over and composting the contents was the BEST TIP EVER. My Sims still get sick a lot (every time they invite somebody from the home neighborhood, I get two or three notifications: "Gavin has the flu!" "Theresa has the flu!" Ergh.) but at least people aren't constantly sobbing over cockroaches anymore.

(I only have two living Family Sims and one Sim with a medicine machine in a town with a population of about 50, so it's hard to combat sickness.)