Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Bauers 2: Round 7 / The Christmas That Almost Wasn't

Okay, well the title is a little more dramatic than necessary.  But except for the snow outside and the tiny tree decoration on the kitchen counter, it really didn't feel very Christmas-y at the Bauers' apartment building.

Amiee was pretty excited about her new apartment. While not quite as excited, I think Christopher and Ian were also glad to be out on their own. 

This is one of Ian's favorite things to do in both real life and the sims.  Although he lacks the glow in real life, he's quite talented with the guitar.



Sim Ian is in love with 2 girls he met while in college. I'm waiting for his wants to tell me who he wants to marry - unless he waits too long.  I'm not sure how that will go as he's a knowledge sim.  His LTW is to have 6 grandchildren, so eventually a choice will need to be made unless he does a lot of stargazing. ;)


Even though he only has a one bolt attraction with Cathy, he still regularly wants to talk to her.

And Cathy is actually good for his reputation. 


Just like everyone else in the neighborhood, Ian and Christopher talk about Washington Webb's family Christmas party fling in the hot tub with his step niece.  The gossip is just too juicy in this case.


As I said, Ian loves to play guitar - day and night.  He's also a werewolf in case you haven't noticed.  He got bit by a wolf as a teen.


He even loves slap-dancing, although that does seem quite out of character for the real Ian.


Amiee met Danijel Dalmation who is a custom townie I added to the neighborhood long ago.  I hoped he might add some genetic diversity with his freckles.  I also hoped to possible play a 101 Dalmations Challenge right in Apple Grove.  I guess we'll see. 


Haha - I'm sure he's wondering who Christopher is and what the heck he's doing.  Amiee seems very attracted to him with a two bolt attraction.  Her former criminal boyfriend with the combover hair and the bowling shirt is now yesterday's news - I hope. I forgot to check Danijel's career, but I guess it really doesn't matter all that much.


He and Amiee had a very nice date.


And they both want to go out again.  Yay!


Christopher was getting in shape.  He's already a Commander in the Military career (level 8).  If only he had that job in real life.  He's actually a Private in the Army now in real life.

Anyway, sim Christopher is almost completely broke, so he's working out the affordable way.


Even though he's supposedly a family sim, he would love to become a werewolf like his brother Ian. :P  It's not going to happen, though - because I'm in charge. ;)

He also wanted to become friends with Brian Tucker - the rock god of Apple Grove.  While I don't really approve of his choice of friends, I guess it's better than him becoming a werewolf.

I laughed at this, as real life Christopher used to be a bit lazy about helping out around the house.  I let him hire a maid.  Hopefully he'll earn the simoleons to pay by that time.

I let him invite over his girlfriend Demi for a date.  He was very happy to see her.

He had a want to get married.  He's decided that Demi is the girl for him.  Awww...

He proposed...

While he was down on one knee, some old guy walked by and tried to knock him over...

Anyway, Demi didn't notice anything amiss...

And soon she will be joining the Bauer family.

Real life Christopher has just recently become engaged as well, and I'm happy to say she's a wonderful girl. :)

And this is a view of the apartment building as we leave the Bauers. It was played as a residential lot in this round, but in the future rounds it will be played as regular apartments.  So I will be playing each family individually, but that's okay.  It's too hard to play apartments all at once, and sims don't have enough logic to use their own apartment very well.

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ciyrose said...

YAY for the engagement. I like her look, they should have cute babies. :) Congrats to the RL Christopher too.