Monday, August 19, 2013

The Grahams 2: Round 7 / Harry Potter and the Holiday of Fire

I played this house about a year ago, so once again I'm left guessing what happened - except from what I can tell from the pictures.

I thought I'd try taking a family picture.  It's too bad it's snowing.  Starting from the left is Daniel holding Albus, Harry, Neville, Tristen holding Ron, and Havelock.

Ron has learned to walk. 


Daniel is teaching his son Albus a nursery rhyme.


Neville loves to smustle.  Out of Harry and Neville, Neville is actually the fun kid - at least in this round.

He loves to sing...

And loves to swing.

Harry loves to paint pictures.  He's really good at it, but he's not really that interesting.

Both Harry and Neville have a "D" grade in school right now because they missed their first day of school.  I can't remember how that happened, but I hope I'm more competent next time I play or the social worker might come take all the kids except Havelock.  I'm sure Sophie would get a kick out of that.

Albus and Ron love music - and their awesome Captain Hero dad Daniel.

Tristen is boring like Harry, but I guess compared to his ex-wife Sophie, Daniel probably loves that she's boring.  She's Daniel's second wife and mother of Albus and Ron.

But she should be getting a raise at work, and that will be nice.  Right now she's a SimJazzer Instructor.

Things began to heat up quickly while Daniel was potty training Albus.

Yes, we have another Christmas tree fire in Apple Grove.  I have no idea how many there have been, but almost every house has had one.

Thankfully the fire was put out before it killed anyone.  Whoever did the coding for the Christmas trees in Sims 2 is either a sadist or made a huge mistake.

I love Havelock's evil little cackle.  He's in Apple City with his old girlfriend Honey Shibata.  Because she's a YA (technically an adult) now, I'm pretty sure this was an outing instead of a date.


This is a previous picture of him on a date with her.  He keeps this over his bed.

While they were at Crypt O’ Night Club they took some more pictures. I like the one she has, but she put it in her pocket.

The picture he got was very similar to the one he already had.  Oh well.

I wasn't sure if he should be gossiping to her about her sister Desire.

But apparently she was cool with it.  She already knew her sister was in private school.  I can't imagine how that is even gossip, LOL.

Oh, poor Havelock - he's just too short for a kiss now.  I know he's worried about Honey being in college.  He knows she will have lots of college guys interested in her.  University of Applebama also has had a really high pregnancy rate, and I'm sure he's heard about it.

When he got home that night he headed down to the basement and got to work diligently studying the book his mother Sophie (the atrociously evil witch) had given him.  Maybe he could find an aging spell or a spell that would make him taller.  He really didn't want to lose his girl.


I thought I'd show the floor plan for the Graham's "apartment" - which is actually an individual house.  As you can see, it's not very big, but it does have a large basement underneath to put some of the extra stuff.

And finally, this is a view of the front of the house as we say goodbye to the Grahams until the next round.

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ciyrose said...

I like their house too. The outside, at least, and what I can see of the inside from pictures, the houses are so pretty! The kids are all so cute here.