Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Pedersons and Porters: Round 7 / Seasonal Affective Disorder

It's been almost a year since I last worked on Apple Grove.  I feel bad I've neglected my sims so long. I'm just going to blame Seasonal Affective Disorder, LOL.  The winter in Apple Grove is just too long, and it's still only December there. ;)  Even so, the Pedersons and Porters didn't have much of a Christmas.  With 3 toddlers there was very little time and no room for decorations - especially the traditional flaming Christmas tree.  They already celebrated at their parents' (Webb) house anyway, but that turned out to be a rather upsetting situation. 

I actually played this family back in August of last year, but never got around to blogging.  Hopefully, I will be able to remember or at least bluff my way through this update.

These two families (Reagan and Taft are half sisters from the Webb family) live in a duplex that is residential.  I tried that because I thought it would be a time-saver to play 2 families at once  Wrong. It really doesn't work so well for several reasons - mostly because sims are completely illogical and choose to take their dinner next door to eat it.  That is just one example of many.  It got too annoying, so this is the last time I'll be playing with residential "apartments".  Next time they will have actual apartments.  Anyway, on to the story...

Komei has been promoted to City Planner - top of the Architecture career. He looks out of his mind with excitement, doesn't he?  Maybe he's depressed because his job is boring.  He knows the real city planner and the mayor (both me) aren't going to let him change Apple Grove at all.

His wife Reagan finds potty training a little less than thrilling too, but now their son Hot Magenta can go potty by himself.

 I think Komei is hoping I'll just die so that he can plan the city the way he wants.

Reagan is just filled with self-loathing.  I really hate that too.  She should still be mad at her half-brother Washington who did something scandalous at the family Christmas party that was held at her parents' house.  Instead she's reminding me that my neighborhood may be corrupt.

 Komei works on teaching Magenta to walk...

And how to talk. He is an adorable toddler - one of the cutest I've ever had.

While Komei is teaching their son, Reagan does some cleaning.  Dirty grout doesn't stand a chance against Reagan's ninja cleaning skills.

Next door Taft is teaching her son Copper to walk.

Other than some snow outside, this is about the most Christmas-y thing that happens in this update.  I laughed as I wondered what Tyler has in common with Santa Claus.  I hope he's not sneaking into houses at night to bring gifts.  He's a romance sim after all.  He wouldn't bring toys to children.  He'd be making house calls to  lonely women.


I imagine that Taft asked her husband Tyler to watch the twins, but he went and took a bubble bath and let Shamrock play in the toilet.  He's not the most engaged dad.


I guess you could say one excuse was that he had a busy schedule as a General Practitioner.  And he still had a lot of studying to do to become a Specialist.  Is he going to be a heart specialist?  I doubt that.  I think he's just distracted.  I really hope if he's distracted by those kinds of thoughts that he's thinking of Taft.

The good news for Taft was that life was about to get a little easier.  The twins were about to be more self sufficient, and they would also be in school.

Copper and Taft.

Shamrock and Dr. Hottie Tyler.

I know this is the typical birthday picture we've all come to expect.  Or is it?

This is Uncle/Aunt Komei/Reagan.  Wow.  Weird.

But the birthdays carry on as if there is nothing weird going on.  I was curious to see how these boys would turn out.

One last picture of Copper as a toddler. 


One last picture of Shamrock.


Copper actually turned out really cute.  Except for his black eyes, his alien features are less obvious than they were.

And Shamrock shows even less of his alien genetics.  He's going to be a heart-breaker like his dad, I fear.


Taft got out of bed because of a disturbance.  Taft 2.0 had her head on backwards.  It was weird - it seemed like Taft should have noticed that mistake a long time ago.

But she hadn't made a mistake.  The servo was seriously malfunctioning. 


Running amok...


It was strange.  The servo was built to have her exact personality and aspiration.  What could possibly go wrong?


Taft is trying to figure out the problem and fix her servo.  I think the problem is that Taft 2.0 is a pleasure sim like Taft, and servos are meant to serve, not play around.  Hopefully, the problems will end when she becomes a professional party guest.  Just 6 more promotions. :P  What a dumb LTW for a servo.

As we leave, this is a view of the apartment building as actual apartments looks the same, though.  I got everybody moved back in now.  I'll try to offer these as a download soon, because I really like this little duplex.

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ciyrose said...

I like the duplex a lot, it's very pretty. :) Fun update, I was laughing at the Santa Klaus invitation. :)