Saturday, November 2, 2013

The Fletchers: Round 8 / Happy Feet

I'm finally getting back around to updating Apple Grove.  This is the second family in Round 8 - the Fletchers.

I like using the info area to help me keep up with some of the family's details since I'm a really disorganized player that goes for long stretches without playing sometimes.  It's good there is a built-in place to take some notes.

Whenever I fail to keep an eye on Devon, she can usually be found in the basement on the dance sphere - feet in the air - in her underwear.  It sort of looks like the sun is shining out of her butt, LOL. 
I guess she wants to show off her nice booty.

She's got a glow from gardening, too.  She is at the top of her nature enthusiasm, although her one true hobby is tinkering.  She also is at the top on tinkering, as well as cooking.  I put her to work in her husband's greenhouse - in her clothes.  I tend to put her to work a lot.  She was pretty high maintenance when she was younger.  I'm not still mad at her - I love Devon.  But I still like to make her do chores. She owes me.  ;) 

Dr. Charles Fletcher must have been exposed to the flu at the hospital, and brought it home with him along with his coworker Adriana Bui.  You'd think as a medical professional he'd be more concerned about infecting the whole darn neighborhood.

 Instead of resting, he made some comfort soup.

He felt better right away, which was good.  It was almost his birthday, so he was glad not to be sick for that or to give it to his son Chevy for his birthday.

He headed off to his oft-neglected little business Fletcher Foods to work for a little while.

Here is a view of the tiny building, situated between some shops and the Apple Grove post office.  In the background you can see more of Apple Grove, including City Hall.

Fletcher Foods was once a cafe, but Charles wasn't able to get anyone to buy his coffee.  I guess he's better at cooking.  Anyway, he sells some of the foods he cooks and bakes, along with specialty cakes that he buys wholesale.  I guess I will just say this business is a deli.

The deli hasn't been the most successful or profitable business, but tonight was different.

Charles finally impressed the un-impressible Lisa Pons, getting not only a Good Review, but a Best of the Best Award. 

He returned home in his awesome car that he had always treasured.  Now that he and Devon were both at the top of their careers, they could afford the really expensive Hunka 711.  But he preferred the classic car that he had so lovingly restored, and let Devon drive the sports car.

Chevy smustles with his dad's coworker Adriana Bui. Few things make his feet happier.

But I guess Chevy found one thing better - a snow day.

A snow day is also the best birthday present ever.

Devon likes to brush her teeth.

She really cracks me up.

It looks like she and Charles were finally successful at getting pregnant.  They tried hard enough last time.  She's almost an elder, so they had to work very diligently through the last update to conceive.

 Chevy's day off gave her some time to spend with her neglected son Chevy before the baby comes.

Maternity leave also gives her more time to do chores.  Should she really be teleporting while pregnant though?  Is it safe?

After another day of saving lives, Charles is home again and brought home another coworker - Carolina Dennis.  Should Devon be concerned that he's hanging out with all these women?

It's officially his birthday, but he doesn't feel a need for cake.

He looks pretty decent despite a little age.  I think the shirt really hints at a desire for retirement, though.  I'm not sure what the jeans with cowboy boots are hinting at, unless he wants to move to a farm.

The cake was actually for his son Chevy. They're celebrating their birthdays together this time.

They're all pretty excited for him to become a teenager.

Or at least they were. Maybe they are disappointed in his lifetime want.

He's a family sim, but his secondary aspiration is grilled cheese.  He wants a blond wife who stays at home and isn't very logical.  He's very "old-fashioned."  I guess with his low goals, he doesn't want a smart, career woman to make him feel inferior.

And after his parents have accomplished so much, his biggest goal for himself is to eat as many grilled cheese as he can. They have to be at least a little disappointed in him.  Well, his mom shouldn't be since her secondary aspiration is also grilled cheese.  She should be happy - one more person who loves talking to her about grilled cheese.

Despite his understandable disappointment in his son, Charles let him borrow his beloved car to go buy a cell phone.

I'm glad to see that Chevy is at least thinking of marriage despite his low, cheese-eating ambitions in life.

I guess he knows that having his own phone number will help him in his pursuits of finding that special dumb blond.

 Although having a wishing well may be even better for finding her than the cellphone.

He found Ashlee Lawson, a girl that he has a 3 bolt attraction with.  I guess being a paper girl doesn't really count as employment.  I may have to send her to college with him.  Who am I to stand in the way of true love? (as much as I hate to add any more college students that I may be stuck with based on past experience. :P)

It will be interesting to see what her goals are, and whether or not they will require her to have a career and gain logic.

While Chevy was busy making out with Ashlee, his mother was busy spying gardening.  I am surprised that it took this long for Devon to get a gold gardening badge.  She took care of the gardening when she lived with her brother Daniel and his wife the Contessa and got them into the garden club long ago.

Chevy wanted to keep (the very attractive) Ashlee all to himself by going steady with her right away.

Thankfully, the feeling was mutual toward Chevy, despite her shyness.  I look forward to seeing these two kids in the future - and hopefully they stay together.

Charles decided to retire from his job as Chief of Staff at the hospital and enjoy his elder years.  Of course, I suppose he didn't consider that he will just have to work more at the deli or in the garden.  ;)

There's still snow on the ground for now, but I'm looking forward to next time when it'll be spring.  Then maybe we'll see their dog Swift again, who has spent the last couple of updates buried in the snow.  And of course, we'll get to see whether Chevy gets a little brother or a little sister. 


ciyrose said...

LOL. I had to laugh at Chevy's desires for the "dumb blond." The family is doing well, and Chevy is a good mix of his parents, very attractive.

Twoflower said...

I think he turned out pretty well. I really like him so far. I can only hope he doesn't get mean. I forgot to mention he has only 1 nice point. ;)