Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Webbs: Round 8 / Aqua-Sim Is Lame

Welcome back to the Webb family.   

The current residents of 135 Strudel Street consist of Clinton and his wife Grace, two of their children Wilson and Washington, Wilson's wife Professor Karen, and their baby Jefferson.There is also Grace's servo, Grace 2.0.

I still really love their house, especially how pretty it looks in the snow.  I'm just really tired of snow in my game, though.

The first item of business is to fix Clinton's hair, which he somehow managed to shave off when I was at another house.  I think it may actually be his way of protesting the loss of his Captain Hero uniform, because he looks so unhappy.  He says a diving suit is not the same thing as his Captain Hero uniform, and that he's not Aqua-Sim.  Whatever.

Fortunately, he he agreed to be patient a little while longer.  I promised him that I would try to find his suit if he would let me fix his hair back.  Then I proceeded to forget about it again. ;)

Grace 2.0 is great at taking care of baby Jefferson.  Servos make the best nannies, IMO.

Of course, grandmas are a close second to servos.  The nursery is currently the basement where all the junk is.   I planned to eventually fix that too, but I was kind of dreading remodeling again.

This was when Washington moved out, so I've messed up the timeline a little somehow.  Anyway, he moved out and married his gardener fiancee. 

For some reason, he and his family no longer were getting along after he woohooed his step niece at the family Christmas party.  ;)

After all the family drama and long snowy winter, Clinton and Grace decided to take a tropical vacation.  They are both very close to earning all the vacation memories as well.

Clinton earned his voodoo doll, although he looked afraid to actually take it.  The medicine man is literally insane, so his fears are not entirely unjustified.

They decided that maybe some tai chi might help the guy to calm down and relieve some stress.  Apparently, he owns a track suit.  Who knew?

I think I took this picture because Grace found a shell necklace on the beach.

They went on all the tours Twikkii Island had to offer.

And they set up a log-roller on their vacation lot - even though it is a mountain vacation memory.  They were running out of new stuff to do.

Grace got some of her vacation photos into an album.  For some reason that did not give her the memory.  I guess she'll have to try again at home.

Clinton painted pictures of cheese.  This one is now hanging in his kitchen.

It seems like Jefferson has been a baby forever.  I think it's because of the smaller rounds.

Wilson does own a shirt, but seems to prefer hanging out in his pajamas all day.

Jefferson finally became a toddler.  Except for the blond hair, I think he's going to look just like Wilson.

Grace is really doing well with him.  He's already learned to walk.

This is one of the business reporters, Leith Soban, who looks like a young Colonel Sanders.  He's fairly new, and very unpredictable.  The Webbs have opened a home business selling off some of their junk and crafts.

I was concerned since Wilson seemed to tick him off right at the start.  At least Wilson was wearing a shirt - sort of - during the inspection.

Surprisingly, he gave the new business a good review and a Best of the Best award.

My simself came to shop, and apparently to also lust after Clinton Webb - again.  Why?  LOL

At some point in an earlier round - Round 4 - I had promised Wilson a better tub for playing pirate if he graduated with highest honors.  I had forgotten until now, but I finally kept my promise. 

I also finally got around to making a nursery just off the kitchen for little Jefferson.


And last but not least, I think I was finally able to get Clinton's Captain Hero uniform back from the dry cleaners.  Actually, I used debug mode and Tom's Clothing Tester to dress him in the uniform.  That made it show up in the dresser so I could use it for his everyday clothing.  Hopefully, it won't get sent off to the cleaners again. ;)


ciyrose said...

Everytime I'm away from the game for awhile and decide to catch up on some blogs I want to play again. Little electronic people can be so funny. The family is doing well!

Twoflower said...

Thanks! :) And I know what you mean. I laugh at the ridiculous things that happen in my own game as well as other people's experiences.