Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Foremans (2020-2026)

The Foremans are the next family in Round 6.  Cassandra is my sim daughter, and I have a real life daughter named Cassandra as well.  Sim Cassandra and her husband Morgan are expecting their first child.  I have already played this family, so I hope to have an update soonish.

Morgan Foreman
(custom townie) Generation 2 (born Oct. 5, 1987)
Libra: 3 sloppy / 7 outgoing / 4 lazy / 5 playful / 6 nice
Pleasure / Grilled Cheese
Occupation: Judge
LTW:Have 50 Dream Dates
Turn ons: brown hair, good cook, full face makeup
Hobby: Arts and Crafts
Interests: fashion, weather, food, work, entertainment, culture, sci-fi

Morgan married Cassandra Jan. 21, 2013

Cassandra (Bauer) Foreman
Generation 2 (born Nov. 5, 1988)
Age: 32
Aries: 10 neat / 10 outgoing / 3 lazy / 2 serious / 3 grouchy
Popularity / Knowledge
Occupation: Business Tycoon
LTW: Business Tycoon
Impossible Want: 30 Best Friends
Turn ons: jewelry, good cook, unemployed
Hobby: Science
Interests: fashion, sci-fi, entertainment, environment, food
College: Political Science


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