Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Tuckers: Round 8 / Fun in the Sun

This is the beginning of Round 8! :) There have been no major changes in the neighborhood - yet. But I played this family back in September 2012. There will be some changes coming later in the round, as I can never seem to resist experimenting. ;)

So we're at the first family again - The Tuckers.

Martin and his wife Jill still get along quite well.  Jill is still working her way up in the law career.  She's currently a family law attorney.

Martin just retired from Show Business and is getting a really good pension.  Martin will now have more time for his business that's located across the street from his house - Tucker Toys & More.

I wondered who this was when I first saw him come into Martin's store.  I guess Clinton Webb decided to shave off his hair when I wasn't paying attention.  I think he picked the wrong season for that. 

A new goateed reporter wearing shades came to investigate Tucker Toys and More and write a review of their business.

In the middle of his observations, the business reached Rank 10. 

But I guess that meant nothing to him, because he gave them a bad review.

And then to confuse us more, he came back later that day and gave them a good review.  Drugs? Mental illness?  Probably one or both. ;)

Catherine Todd (Tucker) has started kicking over the trash can at her son's house.  She's mad at his servo Metalfoot, but I never actually saw her get angry at him.  He was angry at her for "cheating on him" with her husband at the Christmas party.

It seems only fitting that Band Geeks is a band geek. ;)

It looks like Artists has a good report card today.

And so does Band Geeks - although I think he must have worn his sister's scarf and pants today.  I wonder how badly he got teased at school for that blunder.

The kids are very enthusiastic about the piano, as they listen to their dad play.  It seems that someone is always on the piano.

Artists takes a moment to pet her dog Pooka.  The dogs got really neglected this time because they're outside dogs and the snow is deep.  Izzie and Pooka have 2 puppies - Hazel and Oliver.  They are buried under the snow. Maybe I'll get a picture of them in the spring. ;)

Ghostly Sam Tucker is here to appraise Martin's performance in bed.  That's more than a little awkward, but at least his grandfather seems to approve. 

Even as a ghost, romance sim Sam Tucker can make Jill swoon.

Right before scaring her.

He also paid a visit to Metalfoot while he was crafting water wigglers for the toy store.

Mark loves giving Bigfoot hugs more than the average Bigfoot.

He just loves his human family...

And wants to show them all the time.

I had to include this because I thought it was so cute that Artists wants to be friends with Harry Potter.  Maybe she also wants to attend Hogwarts.

Artists is about to become a teenager. 

She grows up beautiful, but unfortunately...

She is a dreaded romance sim.

Thankfully, she wants to be a city planner, so I should still be able to like her.  Maybe.

Sam makes another visit to his bed at a more appropriate time.  Even though they can well afford better beds now, I guess they're stuck with these.

After Christmas, winter seems long and bleak.  The family decided to play hookey from work, school and their toy shop to take a trip to Three Lakes, because it's actually warmer there.  Mark and Metalfoot are staying home to take care of the dogs and to house sit.

I think the school bus drivers are either heavily medicated, or have the best job satisfaction in the world.  I tend to think it's the former.  How do you sit there for an hour in front of one house waiting for kids  with a smile on your face the entire time?  She's not even going to be picking them up today since they are getting in a shuttle right now to go on vacation.

I should have checked her face as they were driving away. ;)  She waited for nothing.

When they arrived at Three Lakes it was raining.  I guess it's still better than snow.

They have a nice, new vacation home right on one of the lakes.

They are super psyched to be on vacation.

They decided to stop by and visit Mark's old cabin where one of his cousins now lives

How weird is it that Roberto Bigfoot has such a pristine, white popcorn ceiling?  It's the cleanest thing he owns.

I loved this picture - just because.  A house right on the lake seems like such an ideal location for a good night's sleep.  I want to go there.

The beach at Three Lakes is surprisingly beautiful.  It's fun for Band Geeks to have all that sand to play in.  I think Artists found some shell earrings and a necklace.

Artists found a good-looking blond named Andrew Benson down at the Three Lakes Market.

She also met this guy Magnus Beckett - also a blond.

She has negative chemistry with Magnus but still wants to date him.  Romance sim.

But she went on a date with Andrew since it seemed more likely to be a successful date.

Well, then again, not if she gets in a big hurry to grab his butt and drives him away.

They only have one bolt of attraction, but despite her impatience she managed to get her first kiss.

While they were there they were also trying to make some vacation memories by seeing as many sights and doing as many activities as they could.

What is the difference between ordinary pancakes and flapjacks?    I wonder if Artists and Band Geeks can taste any difference.

Jill, I think your husband is getting a little old to have to catch you like that - his poor old spine.  Artists really wishes her parents would "get a room."

Despite all their sightseeing, they still had some time to sunbathe.  Sunbathing usually doesn't go well for my sims - or for me in real life.

Yeah, I get burned too.  I gave up trying long ago.  It's just easier to be pale and hopefully miss out on skin cancer.

I was surprised that Artists got burned too with her dark skin.

I guess they're all just exhausted.  They're just sitting there thinking about each other.

This has got to be her secondary knowledge aspiration coming through, or maybe she still wants to go to Hogwarts with Harry Potter.  When they get back home she can invite the headmaster over.  It shouldn't be that hard to get in.

All good things must come to an end.  The Tuckers had to leave their very fun Three Lakes beach vacation and head home for a little more winter back in Apple Grove.  Next time we visit them it will be spring in Apple Grove.


ciyrose said...

That reporter at the store is very confusing. LOL Artists is a very pretty girl, and would probably very a successful romancer if you let her. ;)

Twoflower said...

Artists is pretty - I'm not sure what the future holds for her. I will probably try to steer her away from being too much of a romancer, but I usually try to keep my sims happy as much as I can - at least the ones I like. ;)