Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Bauers: Round 8 / Wild Thing

We're back to the Bauer family, which is my simself family.

There are 10 of us currently living here, including the pets.

The house looks so pretty in the snow. I'm so tired of the snow.

This picture of Jason was taken at Washington Webb's house.  He took Jason's picture, and then sold it to him.  Jason fell for the scam, LOL.  But it is a good picture, even though it was overpriced.

Scott and I are drinking lots of green juice. I know it's unfair. We keep cheating old age because I don't want our sims to age up to elder yet.


 Well, that should keep us young for a few more rounds.  We need this in real life. ;)

With the taxes the mayor (my simself) collected in round 7, Apple Grove now has a City Hall.

This is the Apple Grove mayor's office.  Since no one is mayor, my simself has taken job.

In the upstairs of the city hall building, there's now a place that can be rented for weddings.

Jason stays busy writing novels much of the time, although he also has a job in the military as well. 

Yeah my simself and my husband's simself are all over each other.  The funny thing is that it almost looks like I could have a beard, LOL.

Ian doesn't live here, but he still enjoys coming over and using the DJ booth in the basement.  What a wild child - as a simself and in real life.  Don't even get me started. :P

Sim Piglet is so funny and adorable.  I miss real life Piglet who passed away from old age a few months ago.

 photo 91107_zps0f1e0270.jpg

Here she is with Sim Obi.  We lost real life Obi this year too.

And painfully enough, lost another another dog too - Chewie.  It's been a bad year for pets, but I'm glad I still can play with the sim versions.  I'm glad sim dogs can't be run over. :P

I see Jason's annoying cheerleader wife Mehrissa is pregnant.  She and Jason will be having a baby soon.

Scott angrily fixes plumbing, something the real life Scott gets to do sometimes.

Scott and I are taking a vacation - just the two of us.  Wow, that would be so cool if we could really afford to do that. 

We went to Takemizu Village.  After many tries, I was able to learn the secret of teleporting.

Of course, I had to go show off.

It looks like I threw out my back, LOL.

Scott also had to try a few times, but now he has also learned to teleport.

For some reason, I'm taller in this picture.  This is very funny.  I'm very short - I would have to be standing on something.

Imagine my surprise when this happened on a community lot that Jason was visiting.  I was really unhappy at first - thinking she had cheated, until I remembered that Charity's husband got a haircut - what a relief.  Well, sort of a relief.  I'm still not happy about it, but at least they're married.  I'm pretty sure Jason thought they were just taking pictures, otherwise he may not have launched into a grilled cheese discussion with his brother-in-law at such an awkward time.

Yeah, awesome.  This is going to be baby #8.  She looks about ready to pop, too.  I would think photo booth woohoo would be the last thing she'd feel like doing right now.

Sim Jason is a neat freak who likes to wash dishes on community lots.  Real Jason is nothing like this. ;)

He even cleaned their sink.

Sebastian looks a little concerned about Charity.  She probably shouldn't be doing that while pregnant.

But, ohmygosh!  Dr. Charles Fletcher is making out with Taft (Webb) Porter's servo, Taft 2.0!  I can't believe he is cheating on his wife Devan!


Darn you, Charles!  ACR is no excuse!

I really hope it was worth it, because not only will you feel guilty about it, you will feel my wrath!  Taft 2.0 will, too.  But she is a servo and unmarried, so I don't feel she is as guilty as you are.


Anonymous said...

Lol. Loved this post! "not only will you feel guilty about it, you will feel my wrath!"

Anonymous said...

Lol! Love it! "ACR is not an excuse!"

ciyrose said...

Oh dear. I'm not sure I want to see what you plan on doing to those two. ACR sure can cause havoc sometimes.