Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Round 7 - Christmas and the New Time Reckoning

I decided that Round 7 will just be one day of play in each of the houses, and it will be Christmas, or technically December 2027.  I'm so relieved, and plan to be done forever with 7 day rounds.

My sims up until this point have not been having Christmas - just long, miserable 5 month (year) winters.  It's like Narnia - always winter but never Christmas.  This is an excellent break.  I've already played 4 of the 18 houses, and should start posting for Round 7 soon.  There's no way I will finish before real-life Christmas because I have real-life stuff I should be doing instead of simming. ;)  But I should get part of the Christmas Round done soon.  For this round I'm temporarily taking a break from family and individual update posts, random scenarios and a vacation from vacations.

After Round 7, Round 8 will be 2 days long to finish up winter (January and February).  Rounds 9, 10 and 11 will be 3 days each for Spring, Summer and Fall.  So it's 3 days for each season, 1 day for each month, and each month lasts a year.  That means that there won't be another Christmas for 12 years, but what can we do?  Planet Simearth is really weird.  With Seasons, there is no good way to do it that makes any sense.  I'll still use the Dungeons and Dragons Dice Roller to randomly determine the day of the month for birthdays, weddings, etc.  Paladin's Place (Sim Wardrobe) has a Seasons and Weather Controller that makes it easier to change the seasons.

This is the future plan for the next several rounds:

Round 7: December (2027) - Christmas! :)
Round 8: January and February (2028-2029) - Winter
Round 9: March, April, May (2030-2032) - Spring
Round 10: June, July, August (2033-2035) - Summer
Round 11: September, October, November (2036-2038) -Fall
Round 12: December (2039) Another Christmas! :)

Here's a link to my pre-2027 time reckoning in case you're curious about how it used to be done.


jungfrun68 said...

Very nice with some thouroughly thought-through time-reckoning :)

Twoflower said...

Thank you, jungfrun. :) I was definitely inspired by your Mattsmyra. It's already a lot more manageable and more fun to play shorter rounds.

ciyrose said...

Sounds like fun! I do 7 day (year) long rounds in Breeze Point, and they are long. In Fellowship One I decided to do it all by seasons, so each is 5 days (years) long, which is SO MUCH more manageable for me. I have thought about changing Breeze Point to less days, but like all the new houses to start on the "right" day, with Fellowship One I allow hacks and cheats, so that doesn't matter as much, I can just match it up. :)

Twoflower said...

I guess no matter the length of the round, they are still played the same amount of time in the long run. Still, I enjoy shorter rounds better than the 7 day rounds.