Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time Reckoning in Apple Grove (outdated)

I wanted to be able to have actual dates for events that happen in Apple Grove like birthdays and weddings, so I have given it some thought and decided to keep it simple instead of really hurting my mathematically-challenged brain. This is relatively simple to me, and if someone else has already done it this way, I honestly didn't mean to copy and take credit for myself. Every time I look at someone else's system, my brain starts shutting down. I admire the heck out of people who have complex systems, charts and graphs. I wish I could be like them, but I will give up if I really have to think too much. ;)

(If you read this earlier, I have changed a few things about how the day of the month was determined.)

Since each round is seven days, I've decided to make each round a seven year period. I decided the years would start with 1985, which is the year I gave birth to my first child. Monday would be the first year of the new round, Tuesday the second year, and so on... The real drawback I've noticed is that pregnancies last 3 years. :P

Here are the years for the Rounds so far:

Round 1: 1985-1991
Round 2: 1992-1998
Round 3: 1999-2005
Round 4: 2006-20012
Round 5: 2013-2019
Round 6: 2020-2026

I will try to remember to edit this as I go. I could probably list lots of future Rounds, but remember I am literally counting on my fingers here. ;)

Months and days will be determined in a different way. Seasons makes that easier, so Spring will be March-May, Summer will be June-August, Fall will be September-November, and Winter will be December-February. Since seasons last 5 days, I will just choose a month depending on how far into the season they are. I roll once to choose date range, and then roll again to get the actual day, re-rolling if I get a 6 on the second roll:

1: 1st-5th of the month
2: 6th-10th of the month
3: 11th-15th of the month
4: 16th-20th of the month
5: 21st-25th of the month
6: 26th-30th of the month (except in February)


And so I'm going to try to show you (to see if I can actually do this) how I can figure out the date of this event. This is Round 4 on a Saturday, which should put the year at 2011. The first part of winter is December. If I rolled a 2, and then rolled a one, it would be the 6th. So this date will be December 6, 2011. I just realized that if it were January or February, I would need to make the year 2012. Plus, I realized that I should not use the day of the week unless I look up the actual date to see which day of the week it would be for that date.

Of course I would come up with this in Round 4, but I will just have to guess if I want to date previous events unless I can find uncropped, undeleted pictures with the information on them. Otherwise, birth dates could be determined by a future birthday. When a birthday is decided on, I will still use that date it no matter what season it happens to actually be. Johnny could be born in June, but have a birthday when there's snow on the ground later in life. ;) No big deal, IMO.

Update (10-02-10): Here is a link to the Dungeons & Dragons Dice Roller which can choose the date in one roll.  You can even download an offline version free.

I put some notes on the picture of the dice roller, as it took me some experimenting to figure out how to enter a custom number.  You're probably smarter than me, but I thought I'd share my discovery.



ASimWen said...

Wow, that is complicated to me. Good luck! heh

Simmer said...

That makes sense to me! It seems more do-able to me than any other I've seen or come up with!

ciyrose said...

Looks good. I decided to do time recording for my Fellowship One blogs. I decided not to do it for Breeze Point simply because I figured out how I wanted to do it so far in I didn't want to mess with it now. :) Mine certainly doesn't add up seasons with months, but I think it works out well for me. :D It's fun to see what others do though.

Twoflower said...

I really enjoy having a time system, although mine has changed a bit since I wrote this.