Friday, October 17, 2008

The Bauers: Round 1 / Similarly Different

Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

This would look a lot more natural if they were lying on some grass - better yet, a bed. I love my husband, but I'm not about to snuggle with him on gravel and concrete. So yeah, if this were real life, someone would have to have pushed me down for me to be realistically lying on the hard ground. Scott would have to be under a car.

This is my simself personality. I'm actually more of an Aquarius with the personality points, but I decided to use Pisces since that is my zodiac sign.

I want to be a Hall of Famer... NOT. Few jobs could be less appealing to me. As far a sim jobs go, I think maybe an Artist or a Slacker would be more like it.

Scott is a Scorpio, and the personality points fit his personality well.

I don't know too many people in real life who are striving to be mad scientists. Scott is an engineer. I suppose some engineers may be mad. Scott, however, is one of the sanest people I know.

I think I heard a lullaby. Will baby number one be Jason or Cassandra?

Here I am dragging Scott on a trip down memory lane. I tend to do that, and he looks like he's pretending to listen. Anyway, since we're talking about our engagement, he proposed to me in Shoney's over a hot fudge cake that we were going to share. It may not sound romantic, but we were poor, and Shoney's was pretty much the fanciest restaurant in town. Of course, afterward we went to see RoboCop. That was definitely unromantic, LOL.

This is a cranky lady (whose name escapes me) that gets mad every time anyone looks in the direction of her house. She must be looking through a telescope herself, because she doesn't even live in Apple Grove. She and the other "bin" families moved Downtown when Apple Grove was established. That was my way of getting rid of them, since deleting them is a disaster waiting to happen (screws up the neighborhood files), and it's too much of a bother to kill them all off or turn them into townies.

A lucky chance card guess landed Scott a promotion. I guessed this answer once before in the game with the same good result.

I got a promotion too, although I don't look thrilled to be a Private Eye...

Oh. That explains it. It will be hard to look inconspicuous waddling around with a pregnant belly.

Due to much use, the one toilet got clogged. Thankfully, Scott the sim is a handy guy. He is in real life, too.

Darn, well we can't win them all. Didn't like the fact that he chose to follow around the beautiful woman in the first place. Meh.

Whoa, right in the doorway my belly doubled in size. Good thing I could still make it through there.

Cool, I have been waiting for this, as science is Scott's career track for his lifetime want. Now the demotion doesn't matter.

This is a new one for me. This guy just gave us a "free sample." I would have never thought a widescreen TV was a sample. That's about as realistic as Rod Humble leaving a free computer on every doorstep. I want me some real life samples!

Uh-oh, I hate it when the trees catch fire. If there is not outside alarm, I never know if I should call the fire department or not. In this incidence, NOT.

I just thought I'd throw in a picture of my simself and Natalya Tucker. She happened to walk by, and I thought she would make a good friend to maintain since she doesn't have a job and can be called any time.

Most of these hobby chance cards are fairly pointless in my opinion.

My plubar has broken... the birth spasm has begun!

Scott was just arriving in the driveway with a friend from work and didn't quite make it on time for the birth.

Welcome Cassandra! Cassandra is our real life oldest daughter and second child.

Even though he was a few seconds late, Scott's simself was thrilled to have a baby. He actually had the want from the start of the round.

I don't remember this coworker's name, but he picked an inopportune time to come into the bedroom and say goodbye. Dude, it's after 2 a.m. Go home already! You don't need to give us a formal farewell at this point.

Finally, my sim was also able to get her "dream job." Ugh, I hate that my sim has the Hall of Famer LTW, but at least it will be easy to accomplish.

Sim babies are so flippin' cute.

We have a good nanny in Apple Grove. So far, Shenene Cho is the nanny that all the families with children have hired. I normally detest the nannies, but Shenene does a really good job.

Scott's "one true hobby" is sports. That's so far from the truth. He never watches any sports or cares about any teams. He is really into politics and religion, and likes to read. He also likes to "tinker" and enjoys gardening - at least the part where you get to ride on the carbon-fuel powered chlorophyll tube slicer.

Here I am in the mascot suit. What a crappy job that would be. I'm so hot-natured that I would probably prove that spontaneous combustion is real if I wore that.

Thankfully, my sim didn't burst into flames, and was promoted to minor leaguer.

And she headed right to the energizer. Gosh, I wish those things were real.

Another promotion, and Scott is now a Field Researcher.

I decided to go and express my devotion to The Potty God. I'm just glad it was clean. I get grossed out by the green toilets in the game, and I make it a priority to have a sim clean them when they get that way.

All the toilet cleaning was for a reason, as there will soon be another Bauer sim. This one will be a Jason or a Charity.

It's birthday time for Cassandra. I hope she gets some hair on her bald head. My RL daughter was a bald kid until she was almost a year old.

Time to throw the baby.

Awww... she turned out cute and has a dress on instead of something stupid like a tuxedo.

This peekaboo interaction is interesting. When I first saw it I thought Shenene was scaring her, but apparently sim toddlers enjoy this even if they do look terrified.

Sim Scott is so busy that it's hard to make time for him to play with his sim daughter.

There was some serious velocity to that baby bump.

Another promotion for Scott to science teacher. He would make a great teacher.

And another baby for the Bauers...

And at the end of the Round we have baby Charity. Charity is my second daughter and third child in real life.

Scoring: 2 points for 2 new babies added to the neighborhood. Apple Grove started out with 20 residents, so now there are 22.


ASimWen said...

You are right, Sim babies are cuties. :) Charity and Cassandra. I would be scared to do me and my husband. I did us when I first got TS2, and we died right away...death by noodlesoother. I had no idea what the thing did. I was so sad I didn't play the game for the rest of the day.

Twoflower said...

Wen, how sad! I had a similar incident playing Sims my family. I created my house and family, and almost as soon as I started playing my son Jason set the kitchen on fire and killed himself and my husband. It's a lot more traumatic when the sims are supposed to be your family. And the noodlesoother - I didn't know what that thing was either. It's really surprising I didn't kill any sims with it at first.

Mel said...

I don't know if I could do simselves. I've created them, but I've never actually "played" them. I turn aging off, and have only gone as far as a couple days! LOL The babies are adorable! I like your houses too. Did you create them?

Twoflower said...

Mel, this house and the Hamilton's house are both by Plasticbox on MTS2. I eventually add on to both of these houses because they're fairly small. The Tucker and Fletcher houses are by me, and are also on MTS2. And as we get to them, most of the apartments are by me. I need to put credit and links to everything, so I'm really glad you asked.

Minty said...

Hee hee, your ears were in the toilet. And I think the bump hit warp nine in that shot.

Miche ( said...

You're making me want to blog -- how do you keep the screenies organized? :)

ciyrose said...

Aww...the babies are adorable, and two little girls. I've played a sim self for awhile and had fun, but I wasn't sure I could ever watch her die. Then I lost my game and never re-made her. I love this house it was so cute!

Twoflower said...

Sometimes I wish I hadn't done the simselves, but in other ways I'm really enjoying it. I'm trying to have a good attitude about my sim becoming an elder soon. I can't put it off forever, LOL.