Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Webb(s): Round 1 / No Longer Lonely, No Sirree!

When Clinton Webb moved into his house, he had nothing - absolutely nothing. No money, no furniture. You get it - nothing. He realized too late that he had bought more house than he really needed and had nothing left for essentials. Even when Mr. Humble dropped off a free computer, he didn't have anywhere to put it or anywhere to sit. So, he was very glad to meet the paper girl, as it gave him someone to talk to and killed a little time.

Since the newspaper was useless to him for anything including finding a job (I have a newspaper glitch in my game), Clinton headed down to Le Petit Cafe Jaune to work as a barista to earn a few simoleons.

It was a very easy job, because no one bought a single cup of coffee. However, it was an annoying job, because no one would leave him alone. Every time he walked away from the counter for a moment, he stopped getting paid, and yet people were insistent on pulling him away from his work to greet him the entire time he was there.

After a semi-successful day of not selling coffee, he stopped by Game S'More to try a gaming competition. He had heard you could win a lot of money that way. What he didn't hear was that you actually had to be GOOD at gaming, which he wasn't. He didn't win anything. He decided to check out some of the women while he was there, also with no success.

He was able to afford a few pieces of crappy used furniture and a reconditioned refrigerator on the money he earned at the cafe. By then the Welcome Wagon had arrived to enjoy Jello and conversation.

But Clinton couldn't enjoy his guests because he was about to pass out from exhaustion. Instead he tried napping sitting upright in a cheap chair. It wasn't at all restful, but he had nothing else and wouldn't have any money until he started his job tomorrow night.

One thing that made this difficult time bearable were his thought of a beautiful woman he had met a few days before, Grace Fletcher.

As soon as he had rested a little, he decided he would like to invite Grace over for an informal date. Things were definitely going well - even better than he had hoped.

He asked Grace to move in with him that night. It was very sudden, but it really felt right. All Grace's money was tied up in her house that she and Beverly were sharing but it didn't seem to matter to them to have almost nothing as long as they had each other.

Thankfully, Grace's kids didn't seem to be negatively affected by their change of address, and seemed to like Clinton. It was a bit like camping at first, though.

Grace and Rudy were able to meditate on the lawn that night so the others could take turns resting inside. Although, I have to wonder if that is a brand new trashcan, because otherwise I would think the smell would make them not want to meditate right next to it.

Lara's timing in winning the science fair is wonderful. She might get to sleep in a bed tonight!

With very little entertainment available, Sophie maxes out her body skill by jumping rope. Now she can also get an athletic scholarship when she goes to college.

Clinton and Grace share a common interest that makes their relationship work: a love of cheese. Maybe that's why my own marriage has been such a happy one.

Speaking of marriage, Clinton proposed to Grace and they had a quick wedding. She wore white... pajamas.

What can I say? I think it's funny that they both have their eyes closed.

Leather jacket guy -- I think his name is Pierce is making the rounds. He was also Kimberly Tucker's first kiss. He is in danger of becoming a male Meadow Thayer. I might have to ship this boy to college at some point to get in some fresh faces.

Sophie became a teen. How time flies. I don't know why I didn't take a picture of her growing up.

But there she is doing her homework on the left.

Charles got a plaque for gaming.

Clinton leaves for work with a serious look on his face. It this A: because he is on his way to his serious job as a cop, or is it B: because he has a houseful of crazy teenagers living with him? I would pick choice B.

Did I forget to mention that Grace was pregnant? Oh, well she's pregnant - for 2 more seconds.

This little guy's name is Wilson. I thought of the perfect naming system for this family. Should I spoil it, or should I let you guess? I'll let you guess. It should become apparent soon.

Everyone is excited to take a minute off from smustling and skilling to welcome the baby.

Rudy earns a plaque for music and dance.

Rudy is very upset that Wilson didn't use the potty and gives him a firm lecture about it.

Clinton was very concerned about learning fire safety. I really hope his efforts will pay off.

Sophie quickly becomes an overachiever. Yay!

Charles brought this cute teen named Willow home from school, and they really like each other.

Despite having a major breakout of zits, Charles is still able to get a first kiss. What a stud!

And now since Lara is 2 days away from adulthood, it's time to ship all the Fletcher teens off to University. I like to send them from the neighborhood screen so they can pool their resources to get a decent house for the Greek House.

Scoring: 4 points for the Fletcher kids going to college, 1 point for Charles' Games plaque, 1 point for Rudy's Music and Dance plaque.


SirenPrincess said...

Wow. I didn't expect for you to move a whole family in with him.

And you really managed to accomplish a lot this round. That's the fastest I've ever seen a hobby plaque.

ASimWen said...

Well it seems that Sophie's problems of getting someone to pay attention to her as a toddler didn't affect her any growing up. She is off ot Uni! Yay!

Mel said...

So, Wilson's eyes are earily realistic!!! Beautiful though! Great update! I can't believe you already have teens in Uni! I haven't gotten that far yet, myself.

Twoflower said...

Wen, I think Sophie's romance aspiration and desire to woohoo 20 sims are probably a result of her lack of attention. ;) Not to mention what she does later on - if you're caught up on the story.

Mel, I have some Enayla's eyes as default replacements, and they do look really real.

Minty said...

A mutual love of cheese is not essential for a happy marriage but it certainly helps. I lolled at the pic of the crazy teens smustling in the background while seriouscop goes to work.

Rish said...

That picture with the teens smustling while poor Clinton was off to work cracked me up. I actually have almost 3 rounds in total, I'm just so lazy writing them

Dorko said...

oops, I'm not sure who's account I posted under, I didn't even yeah that was me before haha sorry, I can be such a ditz

(Miche) said...

I loved that you combined the families like that! It makes it so interesting.

And that's a good idea about moving them from the uni screen. I will have to try this in my own game.

Layla Sims said...

Great update! There was a lot going on! BTW, I think I got your naming scheme. I don't want to totally give it away, so I'll just say Bill & Woodrow respectively? Is that it?

ciyrose said...

"After a semi-successful day of not selling coffee" - that made me laugh. I never seem to think to send sims from the neighborhood screen but I should. It would make life easier for sure.

Twoflower said...

Yeah, it worked out especially well back then to send them from the neighborhood screen when they really needed the money, plus it really simplified things. Now I'm trying harder to send them at an age-appropriate time at around "18" instead of when they first become teens. All my first batch of Uni students are all turning elder in the same "year" now, even though they started out at different ages.