Saturday, October 11, 2008

My New Prosperity Blog

I'm starting a sims blog on my new Prosperity Challenge neighborhood, Apple Grove. This is my current plan for playing the game until Sims 3 comes out - maybe even beyond, as I plan to finish this challenge. And really, I'm not sure about Sims 3 yet. I may hold off on buying it until I see what others have to say. Some aspects sound great, but I have some doubts about whether it will initially be up to the fun that Sims 2 currently is for me.
I'm going to wait until I've played and blogged at least 3 rounds before I start announcing updates. It has to be fun for me to blog just for my own entertainment, and I want to make sure I enjoy it instead of letting people down after a handful of entries. With past challenges/blogs it wasn't entirely my fault I quit as my neighborhoods tend to explode, especially with me running them. I now have a program to back up my game daily to avoid losing it.

I got sick of playing most other challenges even before they exploded, but I really missed playing the Prosperity Challenge when I lost that neighborhood. The play style of Prosperity is simple, logical and meaningful to me. I like that the rules aren't too complex haven't changed much with the added expansions. I wanted to play a big challenge with some structure, and I got sick of all the Legacy and Apocalypse rule changes.

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