Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Hamiltons: Round 1 / Pound Purries

Rose started out with no wants, but on the bright side also had no fears. Without any goals or ways to gain aspiration points, I had her do what I have most sim kids do - study cooking. That way she can bake all the muffins she wants without burning them. Eventually, her wants and fears came back, which was a relief.

See, her first muffin turned out to be perfect. What I don't understand is why the muffins are as big as the kid's head.

Forrest has the Lifetime want of having 6 pets reach the top of their career. This is the first time I've had a sim with this LTW. It seems like it won't be too hard, but I guess I'll find out.

Out on the sidewalk, this silly man is about to find out that this is not a cat.

Yep. Ha ha ha ha ha. Now he's a silly, stinky man.

A job in the business career track seemed like a good choice for Forrest since the work hours fall mostly when Rose will be at school. That will mean less hours that Rose will have to spend with a nanny.

Forrest and Beverley Fletcher have a lot of chemistry. I think this relationship has great potential.

Forrest gets a promotion to Executive Assistant. It looks like he will have to hire the nanny tonight since he will be getting home an hour later. He will need someone to be there when Rose gets off the bus.

Speaking of which, today was Rose's first day of school. She just doesn't understand why she can't get an A on the first day. Don't worry, kid, no one gets an A the first day.

Forrest really wants Rose to be successful in school and takes the time to teach her to study.

Forrest chooses to tell his boss about the new store, and that thankfully worked out in his favor.

Rose is doing better in school, and even gets a reward from the school for her popular cookies. Studying cooking really paid off for her.

Forrest gets promoted again. This time he will be spending a lot of his time driving and making sales pitches. Thankfully, his working hours have not increased.

It's time to start working on Forrest's LTW of having 6 pets reach the top of their careers. Acorn looks like the best available kitten at the local pound that is available for adoption.

Awww... Forrest loves his new kitty.

Forrest also loves Beverly. He decides to make it official by proposing over grilled cheese sandwiches. Thankfully, Beverly accepts.

There is a drawback, though. She will have to sell her home business when she sells her house.

Does Rose feel like she will lose her dad's attention now? She looks a bit worried about that, but she wants him to be happy.

The money Beverley brought will really come in handy. It's too bad that Grace and her children didn't get any money from the house she sold, though. Life seems really unfair sometimes.

And sometimes it is unbelievably great.

Acorn grew up quickly. She was almost an adult when they adopted her. I think she's surprisingly cute for a pound purry. Remember Pound Purries? I thought those were such cute little toys.

Acorn's good looks got her a job right away in Showbiz as an extra.

For a promotion she needed to learn to speak. Forrest wanted to try training her himself.

Acorn is such a smart cat that she learned to speak quickly. Meow. I have an ancient cat that only says "Mao." We call him Chairman Mao sometimes. He's about 80 in human years.

Forrest went in to tuck Rose in and give her a kiss.

I guess he accidentally woke her up, because she looks really cranky and wants her dad to get out of her way.

Now that Acorn is settled in, they decided to see if there were any new pets available. Badger looked like a good choice, plus he is a male, which means that maybe he and Acorn could have kittens someday. Hopefully, all of their offspring will be geniuses so that all the pet skill training sessions will be faster.

Yes, they are quite sure. Why can't the social workers ever ask that so you could back out of adopting an ugly kid?

I think the animal cop is being a little overzealous by coming up into their bedroom to let them know he dropped off Badger. Acorn was only a kitten and was dropped off across the street.

I found Barbie legs in the toilet once. One of my kids had flushed them, but they didn't go all the way down. But I don't think Beverly is looking for Barbie legs at this time.

This is Beverly's third lifetime want. I didn't change it, I promise. She just keeps changing her mind, I guess. Unfortunately, this job is not showing up on the computer for this round.

Badger seems suited to the service career track. Hopefully, he will do well at catching vermin.

Acorn gets a promotion.

Another career change, but still the same schedule. Hooray for business!

Badger accepted the challenge and won the 50 Meter Skunk Chase!

The dinner would have been so much easier, Forrest. What the heck were you thinking?

Beverly taught Badger to Come Here. Badger is a brilliant cat.

Acorn looks like she is annoyed by the antics of the stoopid humanz.

She does, however, love to play with the cat teaser.

Awww... such a sweet face. What are you up to, kitty? I wonder if I should call the neighbors to see if they are missing any canaries.

Rose teaches Acorn to Roll Over. Acorn looks bored and possibly annoyed. Still, it is amazingly unbelievable that a cat could be easily be trained to do anything a human wanted it to do. I guess sim cats differ from the real life variety in that way. I also doubt real life cats enjoy being tossed in the air the way sim cats do, either.

Rose's birthday is finally here, and she's about to be a teenager.

Forrest thinks his daughter is as beautiful as a fine painting, so he's glad she picked some sensible clothing with coverage.

Rose aspires to gain knowledge, which would explain the sensible clothing choice. Hooray for knowledge! Boo for underpants...

I decided to give Rose a more grown-up hairstyle now that she is old enough to care how she looks. She approves of her new, classier style. She had some seriously-fast hair growth to achieve this look.

And finally, we have the arrival of Violet. With a dad named Forrest and a sister named Rose, it seemed logical to go with another plant or flower name.

Scoring: 1 point for baby Violet, bringing the neighborhood total up to 23 residents.


ASimWen said...

Oh your pets are promoting. I currently have the 'no pet promotes' bug. :(

Mel said...

Rose is such a beautiful sim!

Miche ( said...

Barbie legs! Bahahaha!

Dorko said...

lmao, the muffin head comment cracked me up!

ciyrose said...

I agree about the size of muffins...what is that about? The picture of Acorn and the canaries comment was awesome. She's rather pretty. I think violet is going to be a cutie

Twoflower said...

Yes, I miss Acorn, but I don't enjoy her ghostly visits. Violet did turn out quite pretty.