Thursday, October 9, 2008

Welcome to Apple Grove: A Place of Prosperity

This is my new Prosperity neighborhood. I chose to name my new 'hood Apple Grove. It has a nice country feel to it. The street names will all be apple-related. Eventually, I hope the residents will plant apple trees. I hope you will enjoy the families who have settled there. There are six families at the start:

The Tuckers

The Tucker Family consists of Sam and Natayla, their daughter Catherine, and her two sets of twins. The teen girls are Kimberly and Zoe, and the twin boys are Brian and Martin. Catherine's husband Donny took off when the twin boys were born and filed for divorce. Catherine assumed that after raising one set of twins, he decided he wasn't up to the challenge again, although it's possible that another woman caught his eye. Luckily, her parents who were retired were glad to move in and help with the boys.

The Fletchers

Grace and Beverly Fletcher are sisters. The four children all belong to Grace who was happily married until her husband was killed in a tragic Murphy bed accident. After the tragedy, her sister Beverly moved in to help her care for the children.

The Webb(s)

Clinton Webb in an attractive single man with the desire to start a family. Which lucky resident of Apple Grove will catch him in her web?

The Bauers

I didn't choose to roll random stats for this next couple because it's my husband and I. Instead I used our real zodiac signs, aspirations, etc. However I did roll for our secondary aspirations.

Scott and Michelle met in high school in an art class and dated for 18 months. After Scott returned from being in the military for a few years, they realized they were still in love and began dating again, followed soon by wedding bells. Now we will see how many sim kids their simselves will have to have to get their real life family with 3 sons and 2 daughters.

The Hamiltons

Forrest is the father of little Rose. Rose's mother died while in childbirth with her, and Forrest had loved his wife so much that he could think of no better name for his tiny daughter than the name of his late wife, Rose. Will Forrest be able to find love again?

The Browns

Daniel and Devan were alone after the disappearance of their father and mother, Daniel, Sr. and Deanna. Their parents had taken a second honeymoon to travel the world for a few weeks. At first they had kept in contact with Daniel daily, but a few days into the trip all communication abruptly stopped. Daniel reported them missing to the authorities after two days, but it had now been a year since their disappearance - a year of raising his baby sister Devan all alone.


Dorko said...


I really like your setup! I'm actually planning to start a challenge but mine will be modified, I just can't handle the idea of having a ready-made family all at once. LoL.

Mel said...

Great start! I like the back stories. I always like when there's a bit of "history" to the families.

Miche said...

Hi there,

I am sort of a lurker in the group, but I love to read blogs about the challenge. You have an awesome start going!

I love your theme, and, from what I can see, your neighborhood too.

(Where did you find the template for your neighborhood, if you don't mind me asking? I'd love to use it for myself :) No worries if you want to keep it for yourself, I am simply curious.)

I am lookig forward to reading more


Twoflower said...


I found the neighborhood that I used, and it's called Small Town Living by wolfsim68 on TSR, so it's a pay item. However, I know you can get it at:

If that idea bothers you, there are some great similar neighborhoods by dinkytink for free on MTS2 that I found (and darnit, I like them even better - wish I had found them first) here:

K said...

I have a question where's the random family generator you used?

Twoflower said...

Hi K,

I found it on Mod The Sims by Phaenoh. Here is a link to the download page: Sims Random Aspect Generators. It's a really handy program! :)

K said...

Thanks Twoflower

SK said...

Twoflower - I am starting over at the beginning of your challenge and rereading to refresh my memory before I read the new entries! Look forward to enjoying it again. :)

Twoflower said...

Twoflower - I am starting over at the beginning of your challenge and rereading to refresh my memory before I read the new entries! Look forward to enjoying it again. :)

Cool, SK! :) Thank you for reading.

Layla Sims said...

I like your start, your families, and your backstories. You did them so nice and simply; mine go one waay too long. lol Okay, here I go, starting to dive in.

ciyrose said...

I've had your blog on a list of ones to read for awhile, and I am finally caught up on all the ones I had before you in the list, so here we go. I like the back stories you have set up a lot. Can't wait to see what you do with all the families.

Twoflower said...

Hi ciyrose! I'm really glad you're reading! I understand what you mean about having a lot of blogs to read. Because I had dial-up Internet for so long, I'm waaayyyy behind on reading Sim blogs. I like your idea of a list. I may try that.

Gwenelan said...

Hi! I am starting now to read your blog and I have to say I really love the beginning :)! Your families seem all so "normal", yet particular. I'll go see how they went on :)!

Twoflower said...

Welcome, Gwenelan! Thanks for reading, and I appreciate you commenting. :)